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About us


COTIS Ltd is a quality driven company offers only the finest equipment available in carefully integrated Systems designed to achieve a cost effective approach to current and future needs. Established in November 2009, we are a reputable dynamic company and staffed by professionals with hands on experience.

The main field of expertise being in IT, Fire fighting and Security systems from concept to final handover, with after sales service. COTIS Ltd has the necessary expertise to engineer innovative, effective and reliable solutions. Our installation standards and criteria for election of personnel form part of our tightly monitored and controlled quality system.

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Our Services

FM200 Gas Protection

Meets NFPA2001 standards. Rapid discharge within 10 seconds, a flexible range of cylinder sizes and solenoid, mechanical or pneumatic activation. FM200 systems are ideal where the risk is of high value loss and/or risk to the continuation and survivability of the business is present. Fm200 has zero effect on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer.

Argon Inert Gas Protection

Designed for the total flooding of enclosed spaces, it offers a solution where non-chemical protection is needed, where speed of operation is not the over-riding factor, or where cylinder storage space is available at a reasonable price. Argon as a suppression agent is poor conductor of heat, works by reducing the level of oxygen in the atmosphere to a point where combustion cannot be maintained. One of the advantages is that the cylinders can be stored up to 30 meters away from the risk area.

Public Address & Evacuation System

In an emergency situation communication is vitally important. The public address and evacuation systems provide the facility for pre-defined audible warnings and announcements. The system can also be used for general information announcements.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are designed to provide facilities with communication to the occupants of a plant building. Audio devices are located throughout the plant or building ensuring effective communication to all areas.

Point Monitoring & Intrusion Systems

State-of-the-art monitoring and intrusion systems provide a secure environment for the modern day business. With full monitoring of points of access and perimeters the system ensure point control of access to the plant or building is maintained effectively.

Stand Alone Access Control

For the facility that requires a stand-alone access control system. Designed to client specifications the system provides and effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained.

Online Access Control Systems

Fully networked online access control systems. Designed to incorporate all the necessary peripheral devices to control, monitor and have visual display of the plant or building. Complete recording of event information. This system provides the total integrated access control and alarm monitoring system for leading organizations.

Asset Tracking Systems

A system, which provides management with the necessary tools to control assets within the organization. Designated areas, through access points, are mentioned for assets being transported from one area to another by readers and tags attached to the asset. Assets can also be monitored for removal from fixed designated workstations or rates.

CCTV Systems Stand Alone & Matrix

Total digital video and audio recording system that provides continuous CCTV recording, archiving and debriefing capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demanding security environment. The complete solution for high-level security. Alternatively, the stand-alone CCTV systems, which provides visual display of specific areas of plants or buildings.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Since it’s inception, COTIS Ltd Surveillance has successfully installed CCTV Systems across all industries and types of environments. These include Industrial Factories, Warehouses Offices, Retail Outlets, Supermarkets, Office Blocks, shopping Centers, etc. All the surveillance systems are installed & maintained by COTIS Ltd